Thursday, January 27, 2022 

Barron Canyon Package
Want to see the beautiful Barron Canyon? Our Barron Canyon Package is a great way to get you on your way! The package inlcudes:

3 day canoe rental, which includes lightweight (52 lbs) Kevlar canoe, 2 paddles,
2 lifejackets, and 1 safety kit.

Canoe delivery to Grand Lake (starting Point access # 22) and canoe pick-up at Squirrel Rapids/Barron River Parking Lot (end point).

Car shuttle service from Grand Lake to Squirrel Rapids. When you finish your trip your car will be conveniently parked at Squirrel Rapids ready for you to head home. Check out our car shuttle page for details.

All for $199.00 plus tax!

We also offer an Upgraded Barron Canyon Package with an Ultra lightweight (44 lbs) Kevlar canoe for $225.00 plus tax.

Please reserve online or call us for details at 613-735-1795.

Algonquin Portage
1352 Barron Canyon Road

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